February 29, 2008

Textronics Brings Innovative Heart Rate Monitor Clothing to Health & Fitness Clubs

Textronics, Inc., a leader in the development of wearable sensors for fitness and health monitoring, is reaching out to the health club industry with its innovative NuMetrex brand of heart rate monitoring athletic apparel.

NuMetrex will show its Heart Sensing Sports Bra, Racer Tank, and Cardio Shirt for Men at the International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) annual convention and trade show, March 5-8, at the San Diego Convention Center.

Local triathletes will demonstrate the heart rate monitoring capabilities of NuMetrex garments, which feature special sensing fibers that are knit directly into the fabric. The textile sensors pick up the heart rate and transmit it to a wrist watch or exercise machine, via a tiny transmitter that snaps into a pocket in the garment.

"NuMetrex provides the most comfortable way for people to monitor heart rate for weight loss, general fitness or athletic training," said Textronics Marketing Director Meg Burich. "We look forward to offering our products to health club members, who are always looking for the latest fitness gear and training tools to maximize their workout."

For more information about the NuMetrex Health & Fitness Club program, which features turn-key displays and discounts for members of participating clubs, visit www.numetrex.com or contact Anette Barba at 302-351-2160.

About Textronics

Textronics, Inc. (www.textronicsinc.com) is a leader in the development of wearable sensors for fitness and health monitoring. The Company's patented textile sensor systems are capable of capturing comprehensive physiologic data from the body and are designed to be seamlessly integrated into everyday garments. Wearable monitoring allows a comfortable and user-friendly way to obtain body data measurements to assist consumers in managing their top wellness concerns of weight loss, physical health and energy level. Textronics Inc. sells sensor components and markets its own line of clothes for personal monitoring under the brand name NuMetrex. www.numetrex.com