May 7, 2008

Technology to Impact Consumer Healthcare and Medical Records

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., May 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Medical technology's impact on doctors, insurance companies and hospitals is creating a revolution with far-reaching implications for how consumers are served and the industry performs in tomorrow's healthcare market.

This revolution will be chronicled in "The Convergence of EMRs, PHRs, CDHC, Concierge Medicine, and Minute Clinics in Healthcare," and "New Business Models for the Practice." The two lectures will be presented by Steven M. Hacker, MD, Founder & CEO of PassportMD, Inc., and an expert in consumer directed healthcare, healthcare IT and electronic medical records, in the upcoming Toward Electronic Patient Records (TEPR) conference on May 20 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

"This is a critical time for the convergence of IT, healthcare and patient services," said Hacker. "Finally, market forces will be allowed to naturally create a more transparent environment for healthcare transactions."

The shifts in healthcare are wide ranging, from the impact of electronic medical records in medical care, to concierge medicine for the rich versus mass market "retail" medicine for lower and middle-class consumers. How these affect the quality and equity of care and physician's income will be among the topics Hacker will cover in the presentation and a question-and-answer session is expected to be of keen interest to fellow physicians, industry experts and healthcare executives.

"Dr. Hacker's unique perspective on the implications of these tectonic shifts in healthcare management could be a view into how medicine will be delivered tomorrow, whether it's at retail clinics at Wal-Mart, Walgreens or CVS, or a private medical practice," said Mark Stavitsky, MD, a private- practice pediatrician and advisor to PassportMD. "We are always looking for ways to increase revenue and provide better care and service to our patients. Dr. Hacker's innovative strategies are a roadmap to improved healthcare solutions and profits across the industry."

This will be a unique opportunity for healthcare insiders to reach out to a medical inventor and revolutionary. Hacker, an author, successful businessman and dermatologist, brings 25 years' experience creating companies such as and most recently, PassportMD Inc. PassportMD is a consumer-directed healthcare company that creates interactive health content for licensing to provide to end users.

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