June 16, 2008

Fort Carson Evans Army Community Hospital Offers Enhanced Surgery Capabilities With CompView Medical OR Integration Solution

Evans Army Community Hospital (EACH) has partnered with CompView Medical, a leading provider of integrated visual systems for healthcare environments, to install three innovative visualization and equipment management systems in EACH operating rooms. These systems will increase the hospital's minimally invasive surgery capabilities.

Over the course of two days in May, CompView Medical installed three NuBOOM(R) Systems, an exclusive, new Visualization and Equipment Management System that integrates comprehensive visual and information routing, switching, documentation and display capabilities to promote a more efficient operating room environment for minimally invasive surgery. The NuBOOM provides electronics and equipment storage space in a single location, reducing OR clutter and improving organizational capabilities, as well as two patented, highly positionable articulating display support arms that provide exceptional monitor visibility in a 360 degree surgical area.

"We are honored to provide another military medical facility an opportunity to enhance productivity with an innovative, efficient and cost-effective solution," stated Paul White, President and Founder, CompView Medical. "We are proud to enable the team of medical professionals at Evans with a product that will assist them in making a positive impact on healthcare in their community."

"At Evans Army Community Hospital we are going through a period of rapid growth and a boom in business over the next several years as more troops are relocated to Colorado Springs," said MAJ Elizabeth Javernick, Chief of Anesthesia and Operative Services, EACH. "The NuBOOM Systems provide an excellent means to maximize our OR efficiency and improve turn-over times even more than we already have, allowing us to absorb the extra caseload within a reasonable workday. In addition, our providers will now have more options than ever, improving patient care and emphasizing the teamwork between OR staff members. We are excited to have this capability at our fingertips and feel assured that it is an invaluable addition to our facility."

EACH has remained at the forefront of minimally invasive surgical procedures since its onset. Like many other U.S. hospital facilities, however, there were infrastructure constraints due to smaller spaces and lower ceilings, resulting in the need for staff to wheel equipment towers in and out of busy operating rooms on a daily basis. The NuBOOM Systems have allowed EACH to update its OR environment to provide state-of-the-art digital integration and equipment management "in place," without the need for extensive construction or renovation, enabling the surgical team to focus on advancing clinical practice and patient care.

About EACH

The current hospital on Fort Carson opened in 1986. It was named Evans Army Community Hospital in honor of Specialist Four Donald Evans, Jr. He was a member of Company A, 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division and was awarded the Medal of Honor for action at Tri Tam, Republic of Vietnam, where he gave his life while administering medical aid to fellow soldiers. Last year, the Operating Rooms at EACH had an average of 17.3 cases per day for a total of 6,321 cases.

About CompView Medical

Beaverton, Oregon-based CompView Medical (www.compviewmedical.com) is a medical technology spin-off of CompView, Inc., a leading provider of professional audiovisual integration services with over 20 years of experience and 2300 projects worldwide. CompView Medical has leveraged its revolutionary OR visualization and equipment management design and AV integration expertise with best-in-class technology suppliers to provide complete, streamlined solutions to advance the digitally integrated operating room.

About NuBOOM

NuBOOM is a complete visualization and equipment management system designed to add minimally invasive surgery (MIS) capabilities in hospitals, surgery centers and medical training facilities in as little as 2 days. For the surgeon, NuBOOM enhances physical, cognitive, and perceptive ergonomics during procedures. NuBOOM includes DOCS, a state-of-the-art integrated video, communication and control system designed specifically for the surgical environment that provides surgeons, nurses and staff with optimum visual control and communication capability.