June 17, 2008

Record Reader Idea Exchange


"I live a few miles from the gym, so instead of driving there I put on a large backpack and hop on my bike. After the gym I usually plan one errand ... Trader Joe's, the food store or CVS. I use my backpack to carry whatever I purchase. The ride home is usually pretty tiring but I think of it as a great way of burning extra calories, not gas. The plus is I lost 3 pounds without even trying." - ANDREA C., Hillsdale


As anyone who runs air conditioning in the hot weather knows, all cooling units release the humidity in the form of water. I place a large pail under the pipe the water drains out of while my air conditioning is in use. When the pail fills, I use that water for all my indoor and outdoor plants.

Jacki L.


When going away for a weekend or a longer vacation, turn off the main water valve to your home. In the event of a water leak, you'll avoid the mess of the cleanup as well as the expense.

Georgiana F.


Dawn dishwashing liquid and shampoo are one of the best remedies for removing oil and grease from your laundry. Since they are both grease cutters, applying some directly on the spot and rubbing it in with a small toothbrush before washing will almost always remove the stain.

Robyn G.

North Haledon

Plant perennial flowers rather than annuals. They come back every year and require less water. If you love the look of colorful, flowery annuals, try the perennial dianthus.

Anne V.



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