June 18, 2008

Office-Shadow and Agnentis Sign Long-Term Agreement

Office-Shadow Ltd., the premier business continuity solutions company, today announced that Agnentis Ltd, designer and implementer of bespoke solutions for NHS Trusts, has entered into a long-term agreement to distribute the Shadow-Planner suite of business continuity solutions to the health care market in England and Wales. Agnentis is working with Office-Shadow experts to create a fully customized business continuity solution for the healthcare community.

Agnentis Ltd designs and implements bespoke solutions to help NHS Trusts with all or any of their financial, managerial, IT and operational requirements to help deliver a better quality service, more effectively at a lower cost. The company chose Shadow-Planner, from Office-Shadow Ltd., as the ideal platform for business continuity automation in this demanding market. With a full understanding of the requirements of PCTs, Trusts and the NHS, Agnentis can work with Office-Shadow to ensure a smooth implementation of this solution.

"We are very happy to have selected Shadow-Planner, the ideal BC automation suite to serve the business continuity management needs of the healthcare market here in England and Wales," stated Simon Taylor, CEO, Agnentis Ltd. "We have been working diligently with Office-Shadow experts to ensure that our deep understanding of the needs of this market are reflected in a fully tailored implementation of Shadow-Planner that reflects our unique requirements. The product's ease of use, power and flexibility will be immediately appreciated by Hospital Trusts throughout the country."

Agnentis has worked with King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, one of London's largest and busiest teaching hospitals, in selecting Shadow-Planner as the best product to meet the challenging business continuity needs of a major acute hospital. With a unique profile of local services and focused tertiary specialities, King's College Hospital is recognised nationally and internationally for its work in liver disease and transplantation, neurosciences, cardiac and haemato-oncology. The hospital is also in the vanguard of Foundation Trusts that are embracing business continuity automation. King's is the first healthcare organization to purchase the product in the UK and is now in the process of implementing the system with the assistance of Agnentis.

"We have been working hard to build out our business continuity plans, and are delighted to be able to use Shadow-Planner to automate the testing, updating and maintenance of our plans," said Liz Wells, Head of Emergency Planning and Clinical Site Management at King's College Hospital. "With the strong healthcare knowledge of Agnentis, we will be able to implement a solution that is fully tailored to the needs of the healthcare community."

Office-Shadow is recognized as the world leader in web-based business continuity management solutions, and has established a strong base in the global financial services market as well as other important market segments such as energy, communications and services. The relationship with Agnentis provides an important beachhead in the healthcare market.

"We are delighted to welcome King's College Hospital to our growing base of key customers, and are excited about the new partnership with Agnentis," said Paul Gant, Managing Director EMEA for Office-Shadow. "Business continuity in the healthcare market goes far beyond basic business operations: BC plans must be tailored and tested for any potential circumstance, linked into plans for emergency preparedness, and patient safety is paramount. Shadow-Planner integrates business continuity into the daily workflow of the healthcare organisation, making it possible to build a culture of business continuity."

About Office-Shadow

Established in 2001, Office-Shadow is the world's leader in web-based business continuity management solutions, with specialization in standards-based implementations and in the financial services market. The Company's technical expertise is tempered with commercial experience drawn from both the public and private sectors. The result is a range of business continuity management products that are grounded in a firm understanding of how organizations actually work. Winner of the 2006 CIR Award for Best Business Continuity Management Planning Software, and with a growing client base of leading global organizations, Office-Shadow is consolidating its position as the leader in the delivery of global business continuity solutions.

About Agnentis

Agnentis was established in 2007 to provide world class IT solutions particularly tailored to the needs of the UK healthcare market. It has since become the leading supplier of patient level costing systems in the UK. Part of the KCH Commercial Services Group, Agnentis works closely with clinicians and managers to carefully select suitable products which meet the operational needs of NHS Trusts and to ensure that they are adapted to meet the particular requirements of UK health organisations.