June 18, 2008

Contracted Services to Acquire Medical Check In Product Line

Contracted Services, Inc. (OTCBB:CSEV) (CSEV) has announced the intention of acquiring the product lines of Medical Check In Systems, Inc. Medical Check In is the leading maker of touch screen sign in systems to replace the traditional sign in sheet at a physician office or clinic. Contracted Services already has the exclusive contract to manufacture the entire product line but will now own the technology, rights and current marketing assets in exchange for receivables. Anticipating a large business-to-business market, Contracted Services has already partnered with Pioneer Electronics to produce the systems and intends to market the product lines world wide. With Pioneer's distribution, the touch screens have the potential to reach more of the world market.

The growing concerns of privacy and HIPAA compliance have been driving these new products into every form of medical facility. Other industries and governmental agencies are jumping on the privacy issue also. Medical Check In has expanded the original system and designed models for municipal departments, financial institutions and schools to improve efficiency and reduce employee workload. With systems already installed in almost every state CSEV hopes to push for market share in an industry that is poised to provide years of residual sales.

While other companies have approached the limited high end market of integration into hospital networks, Medical Check In is designed to be simple and affordable. Regardless of existing systems, Medical Check In can be installed and operational with little or no technical experience in about 30 minutes. This is very attractive to physicians, hospitals and clinics that have been searching for immediate and affordable answers to the HIPAA guidelines.

Medical Check In has seen a sharp increase in sales over the past year. Many hospitals and physicians have found they need compliance now and having a simple touch screen sign in system implemented quickly will fix their privacy issues without the long process and high cost of integration into existing software.

Current clients include Perry County Memorial Hospital, Indiana; St. Josephs Hospital, Breese, Il; Houston Methodist Hospital; Deaconess Gateway Hospital, IN; LaPorte County Court System, MI; Faquier County Court, VA; Cardiome Pharma, Vancouver.

Medical Check In Systems, Inc. (http://www.medicalcheckin.com)

Contracted Services, Inc. (http://www.contractedservices.com)