June 18, 2008

SAS(R) for Employer Reporting Reduces Employer Insurance Costs

SAS, the leader in business intelligence, unveiled today its SAS Health Plan Intelligence initiative directed at increasing competitive advantages for health insurers and assisting their customers with control of rising medical costs. As the first offering in the ongoing effort for health insurers, SAS unveiled SAS(R) for Employer Reporting, a powerful Web-based solution for analyzing and reporting on medical claims and enrollment data.

The new software, when deployed by a health insurer, provides health plan customers a secure self-service request and delivery portal for employer reporting and analytics. The Web-based software provides: prebuilt, scheduled reports; customized reports, interactive reports and advanced analysis such as point-and-click forecasting.

The variety of reporting options can analyze and present historical data, but an even more vital feature is the software's ability to transform that data into keen insight for successful decision making. This unique use of predictive analytics, a hallmark of SAS technology, lets health plan administrators be more proactive once they have spotted troubling trends, such as declining enrollment or excessive increases in costs for a certain disease population.

Health plans benefit by being able to shift resources from report production to consultation, which allows plans to bring greater value to customers. Rather than supplying stacks of reports, health plan staff members have the opportunity to analyze and "tell the story" behind each customer's trends.

For example, instead of simply reporting that outpatient per member per month costs are on the rise, the health plan can explore the underlying cause. By determining that cost increases are tied more specifically to increasing outpatient emergency room use by asthmatic children of employees in a particular city, the health plan creates information on which it can act. The health plan can use this information to engage their employer customer in discussions to implement an asthma management program.

Health plan customers benefit by being able to monitor and forecast cost and utilization trends on demand. By understanding the potential impact of trends on insurance premiums, employers can work proactively with health plans to implement effective, customized cost-control programs.

"Health plan customers are constantly looking for ways to contain costs in today's economy where every dollar counts. SAS Business Intelligence solutions have allowed companies in diverse industries to drive cost savings and improve organizational profitability," said Richard Pro, SAS Health Plans Principal. "With SAS for Employer Reporting and subsequent products, we are bringing the power of predictive analytics to health insurers and their customers."

"Instead of reviewing historical trends, health plan customers can forecast the future behavior of health system utilization patterns and associated health costs. Health plans can model physician practice pattern variations, develop and manage condition management campaigns, and score claims for the likelihood of fraud or abuse prior to payment," said Pro.

Several additional solutions to address the critical business issues of health insurers and their customers are now under development as part of the SAS Health Plan Intelligence Initiative. These include offerings targeted at disease management, fraud and abuse management, and others.

SAS for Employer Reporting is available as an offering hosted by SAS, with fast deployment and low cost of entry, or as a licensed software product for installation on an insurer's server for customer access. SAS customer Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida is currently using Employer Reporting as a hosted service.

SAS is participating in the America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Institute 2008 at San Francisco's Moscone Center West June 18-20. Learn more about SAS Business Intelligence solutions at booth 300 in the exhibits area.


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