June 18, 2008

TransMolecular Reports Positive Pharmacokinetic Data From Tumor Drug Study

TransMolecular has presented encouraging data from imaging and pharmacokinetic analysis of intravenous 131I-TM601 in patients with primary malignant glioma or solid tumor metastases.

Pharmacokinetic analysis revealed that 131I-TM601 rapidly clears from the blood stream and is then quickly removed from the body through the urinary system. Additionally, imaging localization analysis showed that three of five evaluable patients demonstrated tumor-specific uptake of 131I-TM601 into known areas of tumor involvement.

A subsequent analysis from this study revealed that all five glioma patients demonstrated uptake and that in a melanoma subset of this study, five out of six patients demonstrated uptake.

TM601 is a novel synthetic peptide derived from scorpion venom, which is highly specific and selective in targeting both primary tumors and metastases.

Michael Egan, president and CEO of TransMolecular, said: "These positive attributes and its favorable pharmacokinetic profile contribute to the broad promise of the TM601 platform, which also includes potential efficacy in multiple cancer types, potential for treating patients with TM601 on its own as well as linked to radiation, and utility for using TM601 to deliver other treatments directly to cancer cells."