June 18, 2008

SexHealthGuru.Com Launches Video Website for Sexual Health

When Sex Health Guru (www.SexHealthGuru.com) went live today, it became the first website of its kind in more ways than one. Most online health websites are focused on the baby boomer generation and rely upon the oldest media - text. By contrast, SexHealthGuru.com is built around new media - video content - and was created for an overlooked portion of the online health market - 18 to 40 year olds.

Effective communication with this demographic requires a different approach then the formulaic one typically taken by traditional health websites. While the content still needs to be built on a foundation of easy-to-understand expert information, it is only relevant to this audience if it's presented in an engaging, media-friendly format.

Sex Health Guru offers over 200 videos in categories including Birth Control, STDs, Sex Health, Sex Skills, and Sex 101. These videos were created to entertain as well as inform, and deliver an enjoyable viewing experience, on par with the best short-form web clips in entertainment. Even so, every video is hosted by a medical expert, like an OB-GYN, and provides valuable information in a straightforward, easy-to-understand format.

Although SexHeathGuru.com is a new website, this is not the first foray into web video for FullTurn Media, the site's parent company. FullTurn Media, through the illumistream health brand, is already the largest provider of health video on the web, with over 30 million video views in each of the last two months.

In the wake of the recent CDC study which concluded that 26% of American teenage girls have an STD, FullTurn Media CEO Joshua Silberstein said, "Sex education in the United States isn't working. People need easy access to accurate, unbiased information about STDs and birth control. More than that - they need that information in a format that will resonate with them." Sex Health Guru (www.sexhealthguru.com) may be a real first step towards that vision.

About FullTurn Media

FullTurn Media produces and distributes "expert-centric" short-form video content under the illumistream health and SexHealthGuru brand names, and has a library of over 750 videos. Each video features a doctor or relevant expert, and answers a complex question in a straightforward manner. The videos are developed in a dynamic, engaging format, and organized into easily accessible series.