June 19, 2008

Strategic Diagnostics Inc. To Produce Library of Antibodies for the Study of Usher Syndrome

Strategic Diagnostics Inc. (Nasdaq: SDIX) - a leading provider of biotechnology-based detection solutions for a broad range of life science, food, water, agricultural and environmental applications - announced that it will be expanding its relationship with the University of Oregon, Eugene and the Louisiana State University Health Science Center, New Orleans (LSUHSC) by beginning to supply antibodies for the study of Usher Syndrome. The antibodies will be used in the researchers' unique zebrafish and mouse model systems of the disease. The Usher Syndrome research community has made great strides in understanding the genetics of the disease, but progress has been hindered due to a lack of effective tools to understand the dynamics of the proteins associated with the disease. Dr. Monte Westerfield of U. of Oregon commented, "These tools will enable us to visualize the complex interaction of proteins in our disease models. Our initial tests of SDI's antibodies have already produced surprising results that will help in unraveling the pathology behind this disease." SDI will produce the antibodies through its proprietary Genomic Antibody Technology(TM) platform.

Usher syndrome is a condition characterized by progressive hearing and vision loss. It is thought to be responsible for 3 to 6 percent of all childhood deafness and 50 percent of deaf-blindness in adults. The proteins related to Usher syndrome play important roles in hearing, balance and vision. They function in the development and maintenance of sensory cells that help transmit sound and motion signals to the brain. These proteins are also involved in determining the structure and function of light-sensing cells in the eyes. The exact role of these genes in hearing and vision is the focus of the ongoing studies at U. of Oregon and LSUHSC.

Damon Hostin, SDI's Director of Market Strategy and Development, commented, "Everyone at SDI strives to make a difference in human health. We appreciate this opportunity to apply our expertise and technology in providing critical tools to these impressive programs uncovering the protein dynamics behind this terrible disease. This is clear evidence of the need for high quality protein reagents in the biomedical community. SDI is committed to providing enabling tools for the understanding of disease and the development of treatments based upon these discoveries."

SDI will retain the commercial rights to the antibodies produced and will be the sole commercial distributor through the Company's SEQer(TM) catalog.

About Strategic Diagnostics Inc.

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