June 20, 2008

MedTouch CEO Announces Strategic Social Media Solutions for Healthcare During American Marketing Association Address

MedTouch, a leading provider of interactive, web-based solutions for healthcare organizations, has announced their Strategic Social Media Solutions today during the opening address of the American Marketing Association meeting of the Healthcare Special Interest Group in Houston.

"Due to the volume of noise surrounding healthcare options, consumers are increasingly turning to each other for sound advice," said Paul Griffiths, CEO of MedTouch. "Hospitals, health plans, and private practices are missing out on a massive opportunity to turn the people they touch each and every day into loyal fans online. By empowering consumers, patients, physicians, employees, and their families with approved content to disseminate through social media channels, our clients can achieve a level of trust like never before. Social media marketing is not exciting because it's hip, it's exciting because it is more cost-effective at producing change than any other option."

Through thorough analysis of existing assets and market opportunity, MedTouch will provide the strategy and deployment of social media programs through a variety of channels to drive interest in service lines, increased brand awareness, disseminate job opportunities, and identify new fund-raising opportunities.

You can find more information about MedTouch's Strategic Social Media Solutions online.

About MedTouch

MedTouch delivers web intelligence for healthcare. Whether delivering web sites, online marketing programs, or empowered technology with provable ROI, MedTouch is dedicated to shamelessly promoting its clients' success. Those clients include nationally-ranked academic medical centers, community hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, health plans, and health care-related not-for-profits.