June 20, 2008

SCS Acquires Rights to Prolume’s Protein Technology

Stem Cell Sciences has licensed certain rights to green fluorescent protein technology from Prolume.

Stem Cell Sciences (SCS) will incorporate the green fluorescent protein (GFP) technology, which acts as a gene expression marker, into its SC Proven research reagents portfolio as well as certain stem cell technologies used in services assays for high-throughput drug screening and toxicity testing.

By introducing the gene for GFP into stem cells (both embryonic and adult), scientists are able to efficiently select for enriched stem cell populations and isolate particular cell types believed to have been derived from these cells. This allows for the generation of pure populations of specific cell types that are valuable in a variety of applications.

In addition, through highly sensitive fluorescent monitoring of changes in specific gene expression levels, the GFP technology enables researchers to follow cellular responses seen as a result of external influences such as those experienced in drug screening or when stress is place on a cell during toxicity testing, the company said.

Rob Burgess, vice president of business development for North America at SCS, said: "Prolume's GFP technology is a valuable addition to our SC Proven reagents product line as well as our technology service offerings to the pharma industry. Its flexibility and sensitivity means that we will be able to incorporate the technology quickly into our reagents and services portfolios and offer these enhanced features immediately to our customers."