June 21, 2008

Cumberland Photos on Show at Hospital Gallery

By Mary Starr, The Brunswick News, Ga.

Jun. 21--Waiting for diagnostic tests or doctor appointments isn't very much fun. But at the Outpatient Care Center at the Southeast Georgia Health System in Brunswick, efforts are being made to make visiting the hospital a little more pleasant and a little less stressful than people might expect.

When the Outpatient Care Center opened a little more than a year ago, one of its most unique features was an art gallery that connects the new building with the main hospital.

Instead of strolling along a sterile hallway with an institutional feel, visitors are treated to a cornucopia of visual images.

The newest exhibit features the photography of Sam Lindsey III of St. Marys. Lindsey's pictures focus on the sky and other natural images he finds in Camden County.

The 20 photographs in the exhibit begin with dawn breaking over Cumberland Island and the ruins of Dungeness, the former home of the Carnegie family, and continue with the setting of the sun.

Lindsey says the "moods" of the sky range from the calm of dawn, to the brightness of middday and on through sunset to the peace of night.

"(But) that piece of night was disturbed by a thunderstorm," Lindsey said of the photograph capturing the storm's fury. "If you look carefully at that photograph, you can see two stars in the upper left-hand corner. You can also see the Intercoastal Waterway channel markers in the lower right-hand corner."

Lindsey says that the stars and markers, symbols of peace and security, were separated by the violence of the wind whipping the clouds and the lightning illuminating those clouds.

"I just love the sky and its variety," he said.

The exhibit is a product of Lindsey's review of the pictures he has taken since moving to St. Marys two and a half years ago.

"I noticed the sky was a recurring theme, so I tried to assemble photographs that would show the variety of the St. Marys sky," he said.

Lindsey has been a photographer since 1966, when he started as the photographer for his college yearbook and newspaper. He has always loved it, but did not pursue it professionally until about six years ago when he went to work for the publisher of a small group of community newspapers.

"After I moved to St. Marys, I continued taking photographs, mainly because of the beautiful scenery that surrounds the town," Lindsey said.

Lindsey favors taking photographs that tell a story.

"Since I started out in photojournalism, you could probably say that is how I was trained," he said. "The exhibit at the hospital is an extension of this."

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