June 23, 2008

PanGenex (PGXC) Launches Www.HeartHealthyWorld.Com to Reach $70 Billion Nutraceutical Industry

In support of its ever growing line of unique, natural, nutraceutical products, PanGenex Corporation (Pink Sheets: PGXC - News) announces the launch of a new retail and physician web platform at www.HeartHealthyWorld.com. This announcement follows the June 6, 2008 introduction of its highly regarded, all-natural LIPIDEME(TM) product which is the first product on the market to combine the triglyceride-lowering power of Omega-3 fatty acids with the cholesterol lowering ability of plant sterols (phytosterols) and tocotrienols (part of the Vitamin E family) and the enzyme CoQ10.

www.HeartHealthyWorld.com has global capacity and creates a seamless link from a physician's office and retailer outlets to PanGenex fulfillment and research centers as well as featuring the complete PanGenex product line in an easy to navigate format. The platform has an additional component which allows consumers to purchase product, research formulations and learn more about living a "Heart Healthy" lifestyle.

According to the Nutrition Business Journal's "Supplement Business Report", sales of over-the-counter nutraceuticals exceeded $68B in 2007 with an expected increase of over 3 percent in 2008.

"End user connectivity, whether in providing product information or in order processing, is a key tenant of consumer marketing. PanGenex has invested significant capital in developing tools that will spread the word about our superior, pharmaceutical grade products and at the same time make it simple and fast for interested parties to purchase PanGenex products worldwide," states Jeff Roman, President and CEO of PanGenex Corporation.

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About PanGenex Corporation:

PanGenex is a publicly traded corporation (PINK SHEETS: PGXC) and pursues business opportunities in the $70 billion dollar nutraceutical and dietary supplement industry. With a focus on the cardiovascular health segment, PanGenex develops and markets sector leading, patented or patent pending, condition specific nutraceuticals and topical over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and personal care products. Each product is scientifically formulated to address specific health conditions. Many of our products contain the purest grade of nutraceutical components available anywhere without a prescription. PanGenex markets products through healthcare practitioners throughout the, retail establishments and the internet on websites such as www.PanGenex.com and www.HeartHealthyWorld.com.



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