June 25, 2008

Helicos and COG Collaborate for Sarcoma Treatment

Helicos BioSciences has entered into a scientific collaboration with the Children's Oncology Group in order to interrogate a wide spectrum of genomic variation within various sarcomas, an aggressive type of bone or soft tissue cancer usually found in children and young adults.

The scientific collaboration is aimed at demonstrating the power and versatility of the Helicos true single molecule sequencing technology to measure the DNA sequence, methylation state, and mRNA expression levels of normal, primary and metastatic cell states.

The collaboration is multifaceted and involves a model system chosen by Children's Oncology Group (COG), which includes human biological samples collected from a single patient.

These samples include a normal bone marrow sample and tumor cell lines derived from a Ewing's sarcoma primary tumor biopsy and the metastasis from the same patient obtained after two cycles of chemotherapy.

Patrice Milos, vice president and chief scientific officer of Helicos, said: "Connecting molecular variations with cancer phenotypes and clinical outcomes in Ewing's tumor samples has the potential to reveal new discoveries pertinent to disease diagnosis and treatment."