June 25, 2008

Being Rushed is Key Issue ??

By Charles Kochakian

In response to the letter complaining about waiting for doctors, I would add this advice and information: There are fewer doctors than in past years, but, more importantly, patients do not have to give up their power. You can leave or come back an hour later. The key for me is whether the doctor gives me all the time I need when I am seen. If so, that's why he or she is running late, and I can understand. If I am told, "I am running late, so I don't have time for any more questions," then I get another doctor.

For some health plans, it is about time being money. The good doctors listen and learn from the criticism of patients, nurses and family members. I certainly did.

When doctors help people, they don't write critical letters to the editor.

A last word for critics: Try being a doctor for a week. Next office visit, bring your doctor a few roses or a humorous birthday card and watch what happens.

Bernie Siegel, M.D.


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