June 26, 2008

Why Our Pets Are Healthier Than Us

Let's be honest, if Dr Kate Dick was a veterinary surgeon she would never have written the letter, Government trying to erode your trust, Echo, June 23.

The reason? Sixty years ago, your health and mine became a public service. A bit like drain clearance and road sweeping.

She would not be responding to the Government's request to provide extra hours for working patients because her hours would already be catering for the needs of her patients. To do otherwise would result in a loss of income. Some doctors have more patients on their list than they can comfortably handle but they would never take on a locum to deal with the increased workload.

That would spread the income of the practice a little too thinly. But a vet could increase their income by taking on more help.

Doctors are paid according to their number of patients, while a vet is paid according to the time spent with the patient.

G R Holwill

Stoke Hill Crescent, Exeter

(by fax)

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