June 26, 2008

Physicians Adult Daycare: Meeting the Growing Need for Eldercare

Physicians Adult Daycare, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PHYA) has completed a white paper addressing the growing need for eldercare. The need for social and educational activities for seniors and their caregivers is an ever-increasing problem that affects us all. As a society, we are experiencing a serious psychological and economic impact from elder healthcare as a result of our failure to develop programs and policies to stay abreast of the changing demographics and statistics in this segment of the population

-- In 2006 there were 37 million people over age 65 in America.

-- The projections for the future are 71.5 million persons over age 65 by the year 2030.

-- Worldwide, in 2007 there were 705 million people over age 60

-- World projections are 2 billion seniors by the year 2050.

(Sources: U.S. Census Bureau and AgingSociety.Org.)

Thus, an international healthcare problem faces many industrialized nations.

In America, our healthcare programs are not prepared to meet the increasing demands for services by this age group. Life expectancy in the U.S. is now lower than that of many high-income countries, such as Canada, France, Sweden and Japan.

In the early 1980s, U.S. women age 65 had one of the highest average life expectancies in the world, but over the last two decades, the life expectancies of older women in many countries has surpassed that of women in the United States: in 2003, women age 65 in Japan could expect to live 3.2 years more on average than women in the United States and the difference among Japanese and U.S. men is 1.2 years.

CEO, Duane Starkey, stated, "Many of today's generation of seniors are veterans or spouses of veterans of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. They made sacrifices and worked to pay for these wars. Active, strong influences for America, they are parents and grandparents who paid their taxes and preserved social security for themselves and future generations.

"Little wonder then that when we at Physicians Adult Daycare, Inc. talk with family and friends about them, there is an air of fondness, respect and love for the memory of what these individuals were and what they did.

"The needs of the elderly are changing due to extended lifespan. Today they wage a different battle: the problems that come with the onset of dementia and decline of cognitive recognition, physical deteriorations, despondency and depression.

"Physicians Adult Daycare provides needed services for an Improved and Extended Quality Of Life for Eldercare and the Handicapped. We help Seniors preserve their Independent Living Lifestyle and bring relief to their Caregivers."

For additional information on Physicians Adult Day Care, Inc., please visit the corporate website, http://www.physiciansadultdaycare.com. PHYA has also been featured in recent articles on AudioStocks, Google, Medical News Today, Commercial Property News (CPN) and OTC Reporter.

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