June 26, 2008

ZipClaims.Com and InstaMed(R) Enhance Medical Billing for Millions of Practitioners

ABC Coding Solutions, developer of ZipClaims.com, has selected the InstaMed healthcare payments network and platform for its ZipClaims.com medical billing solutions designed to serve a population of 2.5 million non-physician healthcare providers. ZipClaims.com gives these healthcare providers a unique way to get paid quickly while avoiding fraud. ZipClaims.com is an online insurance claims filing system specifically designed to address the billing challenges that affect millions of non-physician health professionals.

ABC Coding Solutions uses a patented method of tracking millions of references to state-specific regulations and training standards. This prevents medical billing outside scope of practice, which can potentially trigger fines up to $10,000 per claim. The federal government has already collected billions of dollars in fines for medical billing fraud. ABC Coding technology, combined with InstaMed's streamlined payment features, bring non-physicians the same cost savings physicians receive when filing insurance claims electronically. Healthcare professionals who can benefit from using ZipClaims.com to file insurance claims through InstaMed include: advanced practice nurses, alternative medicine practitioners, behavior health counselors and psychologists, chiropractors, pharmacists and physicians.

ZipClaims.com is leveraging InstaMed's patent-pending network and platform to deliver new levels of payment assurance and payment acceleration to its customers. ZipClaims.com now provides timely and accurate feedback that helps practitioners navigate complex medical billing policies established by government and private health insurers. By subscribing to ZipClaims.com, millions of healthcare professionals will now be able to overcome coding, scope of practice, and other medical billing obstacles that result in rejected claims.

According to Melinna Giannini, CEO of ABC Coding Solutions, "The cost-benefits of filing electronic insurance claims have eluded non-physician caregivers. ZipClaims.com solves this problem by simplifying their medical billing. This in turn helps insurers offer greater access to more caregivers at less cost."

"We are thrilled to work with ZipClaims.com and broaden the market penetration of our healthcare payments network to the 2.5 million non-physician healthcare providers. Our integrated solution will increase medical billing collections, decrease administrative costs and deliver a winning solution for this underserved market segment," said Bill Marvin, President and CEO, InstaMed.