June 27, 2008

eCardio Diagnostics Introduces Exclusive Extended Monitoring Device

eCardio Diagnostics launches an extended monitoring device, the eTriggerPLUS, in conjunction with an extended monitoring service (EMS). Extended monitoring devices provide real-time data analysis allowing physicians to capture daily ECG information through pre-defined and programmable intervals.

The eTriggerPLUS is the first generation of extended monitoring devices offered by eCardio. The single component device contains proprietary features such as the eTimer(SM) Automatic Data Capture which expands the flexibility of the eTriggerPLUS for use in various patient therapies or clinical study applications such as: device monitoring, post-ablation follow-up, drug titration, and the documentation of abnormal cardiac function.

Unlike traditional Cardiac Event Monitors (CEM), the eTriggerPLUS provides continuous computerized monitoring, with real time data analysis. The eTriggerPLUS contains an easily programmable, autodetecting algorithm permitting physicians to tailor the device for changing patient conditions. The service sessions will be offered in 14 and 21 day increments.

Larry Lawson, President and Chief Executive Officer of eCardio Diagnostics commented, "Improving the ability for physicians to move patients through arrhythmia monitoring therapy has never been more simple. The mere fact that our exclusive eTrigger Plus can provide the clinically significant data physicians are looking for, in a much shorter period of time, will increase patient compliance exponentially. There will be more on the horizon from eCardio in 2008; this is just the next step in providing physicians quality information they need to provide better care for patients." The eTriggerPLUS is an exclusive product of eCardio Diagnotics.

About eCardio Diagnostics

eCardio Diagnostics, www.eCardio.com, is the nation's leading provider of comprehensive and advanced technologies, devices, services and solutions for the diagnosis, monitoring, and subsequent clinical management of cardiac arrhythmias, predominantly in the ambulatory setting. eCardio Diagnostics provides leading-edge diagnostic innovations and solutions that optimize the flexibility, speed and accuracy of cardiac arrhythmia diagnoses--contributing to the most timely, effective and appropriate management of cardiac patients.