June 27, 2008

Duke Selects Logos Electronic Data Capture Software

Duke University Medical Center has licensed Logos Technologies's Alphadas, an electronic data capture software to accelerate and streamline its early-phase clinical trials and to enable physicians to follow patients more closely.

Duke, which will become the first academic medical center in the country to use the Alphadas system, believe the technology has the potential to be a more accurate, real-time system that may improve the safety of clinical trial participants and contribute to more timely development of new drugs.

Duke will pay for the project through support from the clinical and translational science award, a five-year, $53 million grant from the National Institutes of Health awarded to Duke in 2006.

Giles Wilson, co-founder of Logos, said: "We look forward to this opportunity to work with Duke, a leading and world class academic medical center. The partnership will help us achieve our mission to reduce the development time of life-saving and life-enhancing drugs."