July 6, 2008

A Real Family Affair for Mrs Sampson

Former Nhs worker Nancy Sampson (82) worked at the old Lincoln County Hospital building in St Anne's Road before to the birth of the NHS.

One of 13 children, five of Mrs Sampson's siblings followed suit and worked for the NHS as well as her late husband, George, who was head gardener at the former St John's mental hospital, Lincoln.

"I was taken on by the hospital when I was 17 because I liked sewing," said the great-grandmother who lives in Gaunt Street, Lincoln.

"We used to repair all the nurses' uniforms as nobody in those days took their uniforms home.

"Everyone held matron in high esteem and stood to attention when she walked past.

"I remember Matron Joyce having a little sausage dog that used to walk behind her and wait outside the ward for her which wouldn't be allowed now.

"I think we have downgraded the role of nurses over the years," she added.

"When I started I wanted to be a nurse but prior to the NHS your parents had to subsidise you for a year so it was only for girls with fairly wealthy families."

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