July 7, 2008

BioElectronic’s ActiPatch(TM) Product Chosen As ‘One of 9 Medical Breakthroughs That May Change Your Life’

FREDERICK, Md., July 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ActiPatch(TM), the product marketed by Bioelectronics Corp. (Pink Sheets: BIEL), is changing the face of medicine and the way we heal. Recently chosen as "One of 9 Medical Breakthroughs That May Change Your Life," by MedicalHeadway.com, ActiPatch is fast becoming the treatment of choice for everything from soft tissue injuries to surgical recovery.

"The decision to include ActiPatch in the top 9 medical breakthroughs was an easy one," said Reginald Saxton, President of Medical Headway. "ActiPatch fills the void created by consumers who would rather not take pain medications and are seeking safe and effective alternative treatment options," Saxton added, "I knew our readers would be very interested in this product for that reason".

ActiPatch is a drug-free wafer thin patch with an embedded battery operated microchip that delivers weeks of continuous pulsed RF therapy for less than a dollar a day. The unique ActiPatch delivery system, using patented technology, provides a cost-effective, home use method that reduces soft tissue pain and swelling, and accelerates healing.

When using ActiPatch, bruises that would normally take three weeks to heal often heal in a week; ankle sprains usually respond positively with reduced pain and swelling in only a single day; plastic surgery incisions that would normally take weeks to heal typically heal in less than a week. These claims are supported by multiple clinical trials and strong endorsements from leading surgeons and physicians.

BioElectronics has already received FDA clearance for one surgical procedure, (blepharoplasty), and is now able to sell the product within the United States through physician referral. In addition, BioElectronics has received blanket approval in the European Union, Canada, and dozens of countries. These international approvals have allowed the product to be placed in stores for over-the-counter purchase outside the United States.

Andrew J. Whelan, CEO of BioElectronics Corporation, explains, "ActiPatch with its non-invasive, very efficient treatment for swelling and pain while accelerating recovery is the medicine of the future available today. We are actively pursuing additional reimbursement approvals nationally. ActiPatch is an important product that not only works without side-effects, it also has the potential to help keep medical costs down at a time when they appear to be spiraling out of control," adds Whelan.

MedicalHeadway.com is an online medical breakthrough library published by Medical Headway, LLC of Houston, TX. Dedicated to arming the public with news of the latest breakthroughs in the world of medicine, the company offers consumers free and complete access to its growing library of cutting-edge, professional medical treatment and product information. "In our opinion, ActiPatch is a huge advance for millions of people who would rather not take a pill or who need faster pain relief ... a clear breakthrough everyone should know about," explains Saxton.

For more information visit http://www.bioelectronicscorp.com/ or call 866-757-2284.

About BioElectronics Corporation

BioElectronics Corporation is the maker of the ActiPatch(TM). ActiPatch is a drug-free anti-inflammatory patch with an embedded battery operated microchip that delivers weeks of continuous pulsed therapy for about a dollar a day. The unique ActiPatch delivery system, using patented technology, provides a cost-effective patient friendly method to reduce soft tissue pain and swelling. ActiPatch is approved by Health Canada for the relief of pain in musculoskeletal complaints. The US government's food and drug administration (FDA) has cleared the use of the product for reducing edema (swelling) following blepharoplasty and the European Union has approved the product as a class two pulsed electromagnetic medical device as have numerous other international record for agencies.

Information on ActiPatch and BioElectronics Corporation is available at the following websites:

   -- U.S. Consumer: http://www.actipatchonline.com/   -- Podiatry: http://www.pemfpodiatry.com/   -- Plastic Surgery: http://www.plasticsurgeryrelief.com/ and                       http://www.makemeheal.com/   -- German orthopedic foot & ankle: http://www.diesfussexperten.de/   -- Italy and Switzerland: http://www.actipatch.it/   -- Canada: http://www.actipatchpaintherapy.ca/   -- Netherlands: http://www.actipatch.de/   -- Singapore & Malaysia: http://www.astonixlife.com/   -- BioElectronics Corp: http://www.bioelectronicscorp.com/     Safe Harbor Statement  

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