July 9, 2008

Doctors Demanding Improved Security Close Nepal Capital’s Hospitals

Excerpt from report by Nepalese eKantipur.com website on 9 July

Kathmandu, [Wednesday] 9 July: Doctors closed down all health services except emergency in governmental, non-governmental and private health institutions within the capital on Wednesday demanding security for their profession.

The Nepal Medical Association (NMA) have called the shutdown to protest against the government's failure to ensure security to health workers and health institutions.

The doctors took such step in response to the protest being carried out by the family members of Narayan Shah, 39, who died after undergoing surgery for removing kidney stone in Everest Nursing Home located at New Baneshwor last Saturday.

Meanwhile, the irate doctors met Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala at the latter's residence in Baluwatar this morning and demanded proper security arrangement.

In response, PM Koirala summoned Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula immediately and directed him to arrange security, according to NMA general secretary Dr Kedar Narsingh K.C.

During the meeting, the doctors demanded to provide compensations for the vandalism carried out by Shah's relatives.

The NMA has warned to shut down health institutions for indefinite period and organize other protests unless their demands are addressed through the Council of Ministers.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Population has invited the agitating doctors for talks this noon to resolve the conflict.

The family members of deceased Shah have been claiming negligence on the part of the doctor who performed surgery and other hospital staff led to Shah's death. [passage omitted]

Narayan Shah underwent surgery in Everest Nursing Home on 24 June and afterward the patient was shifted again to the intensive care unit of Bir Hospital on 27 June, where he died on 5 July. [passage omitted]

Originally published by eKantipur.com website, Kathmandu, in English 9 Jul 08.

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