July 9, 2008

Personal Nutritionist Counseling, One More Benefit From the Area’s Leading Concierge Medical Firm, Total Access Medical

Personal nutrition has become such a prominent topic in the past few years. More individuals are talking with their physicians or with nutritionists about diet, proper nutrition, and preventative foods now more than ever. Seeing a nutritionist though, can be costly, especially if it isn't covered by your insurance provider. Through Total Access Medical, the area's leading concierge medical practice management firm, each patient has access to a nutritionist for individual counseling.

The service is offered as one of the member benefits that each patient receives. There are no additional expenses or co-payments and the nutritionists work directly with physicians to make sure the best possible care and advice is being offered.

"It was a no brainer! Nutrition is so important to our overall health and well being. In some cases a slight change in someone's diet could mean that they can come off of a particular medication. Providing our members with access to a nutritionist was a necessity," says President, Richard H. Stamps.

About Total Access Medical

Founded in 2002, Total Access Medical is a leading retainer-based medical management company focused on superior medical care for its subscribing patients. Patients have total access to physicians, physician staff and support staff. It's old-fashioned care combined with modern medicine to create a total package. Learn more at www.totalaccessmedical.com or by calling (610) 667-9980.