July 11, 2008

New Oncology Wellness Institute Committed to Whole Person Cancer Care

Meadville Medical Center's new Oncology Wellness Institute, an innovative state-of-the art whole person cancer center, announces its grand opening with what local doctors have described as an "unparalleled continuum of care."

The Oncology Wellness Institute, a comprehensive cancer center, features the most advanced chemotherapy and radiation therapy services that are specifically prescribed to meet the individualized needs of each patient. A dedicated interdisciplinary team of medical and radiation oncologists, nurses, technologists, counselors, nutritionists and support personnel work together to optimize care for each person and family.

The sprawling state-of-the-art facility, designed to create a tranquil, inspiring setting for patients and their families, is supported by an unparalleled mind-body-spirit whole person approach.

The Oncology Wellness Institute builds upon the individual strengths of those it serves. Through a coordinated interdisciplinary strategy, unique stress-reduction opportunities for creative expression are offered at the center. Patients and their loved ones enjoy the choice to engage in recreational music-making sessions specifically designed to reduce the impact of stress. This innovative evidence-based recreational music making program is offered through the Yamaha Music & Wellness Institute. A dynamic creative arts program is also offered, through which local artists devote time to personalized endeavors with patients and their families during actual treatment regimens. The Rising Gallery within the Institute celebrates human potential and offers an extraordinary environment for healing on multiple levels.

Grand opening events include a presentation by internationally renowned best-selling author and inspirational speaker, Dr. Bernie Siegel whose emphasis on whole-person care is extended throughout the world by Exceptional Cancer Patients. ECaP is owned and operated by Meadville Medical Center and provides professional educational seminars and interactive patient programs that empower individuals to take an active and meaningful role in their healthcare process.