July 11, 2008

Entelos Signs Licensing Agreement With Eli Lilly

Entelos has announced that Eli Lilly and Company has exercised its right to a perpetual license to Entelos's DrugMatrix database and additional customized report services from ToxFx.

Entelos's DrugMatrix database is said to be a unique reference set of gene expression profiles for benchmark drugs and compounds that are linked to classic pharmacology, toxicology and clinical pathology measurements. It is populated with the comprehensive results of thousands of highly controlled and standardized experiments used to test for drug safety.

Eli Lilly will make a one-time payment to Entelos for a perpetual license and has the option for continued support.

James Karis, president and CEO of Entelos, said: "We are pleased that Lilly exercised its option to obtain a perpetual license to our toxicogenomics database, customized reports, and safety reference systems.

"We look forward to continuing our support of Lilly and helping them to accelerate their adoption and integration of our cutting-edge predictive technologies within their research organization."