July 13, 2008

Kuwaiti Ministry of Health Prepares Plans for Nuclear War in Region – Paper

Text of report by Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Watan website on 12 July

[Report by Jamal al-Rajihi: "We Have Provided Hospitals with Potassium in Case of a Radiation Leak; the Ministry of Health: Yes, Kuwait Is in Danger If Bushehr Reactor Is Attacked."]

The Ministry of Health has expressed its concerns over nuclear war in the region saying: "We have put a precautionary plan including the distribution of Potassium medicines to hospitals and health centres to face a radiation leak in case Iran's Bushehr reactor is attacked." The ministry elaborated: "The plan includes a ban on importing any food staff and water from Tehran. We will not be a second Chernobyl."

A responsible source at the ministry asserted to Al-Watan that "The danger lies in hitting the heart of Bushehr reactor because there is information that the reactor was provided with nuclear fuel. However, if the enrichment laboratories and the reactor's annexes in Nataz area are hit, then there will be no danger to Kuwait and the Gulf." The source added: "Washington realizes that and takes it into account."

The source continued saying: "The Ministry of Health has prepared two plans to confront any war possibilities in the region: The first plan is for a conventional war; and the second is for a nuclear war. And we are ready under all circumstances when it comes to the provision of medicines, gas masks, and evacuation operations."

Originally published by Al-Watan website, Kuwait, in Arabic 12 Jul 08.

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