July 14, 2008

Cross-Border Healthcare Quality Prioritised

Patients living on the Welsh- English border should not be hampered from having access to quality health services, according to MPs.

Key criteria were set out by the Welsh Affairs Committee, yesterday as to which health policies from the Department of Health and the Assembly Government should apply to cross-border service users.

In its report, entitled The Provision of Cross-border Health Services for Wales, the committee has outlined the importance for Welsh and English patients of access to high-quality health services, no matter where they live.

Among its recommendations, it calls for policy-makers to realise the importance for patients of having clinical excellence as close to home as possible and making sure funding arrangements are in place.

MP Hywel Francis, chairman of the Welsh Affairs Committee, said: "Welsh and English patients living close to the border must have access to excellent services as close to their homes as possible, and that the border is not regarded as a barrier in terms of access for these patients."

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