July 15, 2008

5 Questions About Losing Weight


A group of Concord residents determined to lose weight just finished a 12-week course called the Community Weight Loss Challenge. According to Brenda Isenburg, a volunteer who taught the course, the group of 15 students lost more than 300 pounds, aided by nutritional advice, support and small bribes.

Weight gainers had to contribute money to a fund that will reward the biggest losers during a final meeting today.

What sort of topics do you cover? We cover protein, heart disease. We cover how important water is, exercise. We do fiber. We do . . . oh, I have a list.

Are you nutritionists? What are your qualifications to teach this class? We are just volunteers who want to teach about health and nutrition to other people.

Who were the students? We had nurses. We had a lady from Curves there. We had, oh gosh, they were people that I don't know what the challenge was to them. I really believed that they really just wanted to learn better and to lose weight.

How much weight did the group lose altogether? It was 330 pounds and 210 inches lost.

What is the most important lesson they learned? The last week, I gave them a form asking what we can do better. Every single person said that the support and the friendship was the most important thing.


Originally published by MARGOT SANGER-KATZ Monitor staff.

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