July 15, 2008

Perlegen Sciences Out-Licenses Intellectual Property for Genetic Diagnostics

Perlegen Sciences, Inc., a molecular diagnostics company focused on the discovery and commercialization of clinically important human genetic variation, announced today the opening of its portfolio of patented technologies that together enable whole genome association studies capable of assessing an individual's predisposition to specific disease risks and treatment outcomes.

The family of six complementary patents now available covers methods of genetic analysis used to detect markers for multifactorial traits. These methods, which are particularly valuable to anyone working in the area of genetic diagnostics, range from identification of tightly linked haplotype blocks and multi-loci markers to optimal matching of patient cases and controls, as well as methods for managing the massive data sets that accompany these analyses.

"The ability to determine which genetic markers are present in an individual across several areas of the genome - and combine them in order to help quantify risk of developing or showing a specific multifactorial trait - will be central to the field of genetic diagnostics going forward," said Bryan Walser, Perlegen Sciences CEO.

The group of patents opened for licensing today includes an expansion of an original patent issued to Perlegen in October 2006. Individuals interested in more information about the patents or how to acquire a user license should contact Perlegen's Business Development team at [email protected] (650-625-4500).

About Perlegen Sciences

Perlegen's mission is to discover and commercialize genetic variations that can make a difference to patients and physicians. The company's expertise is in understanding human genetic variation within and across diverse patient populations and in conducting studies aimed at identifying those variations that are predictive of drug response, including both toxicity and efficacy. For more information about the company and its technologies, visit Perlegen's website at www.perlegen.com.