July 20, 2008

Death Toll of Palestinian Gaza Patients Rises to 212

Text of report in English by privately-owned Palestinian Ramattan News Agency website

["Palestinian Infant and Man Die Due To the Israeli Siege, Death Toll Rises To 212" - Ramattan headline]

Two Palestinian patients, including an infant, died on Sunday as the Israeli army prevented them from leaving the Gaza Strip to receive advanced medical care, Palestinian medical sources said. The Popular Committee Against Siege (PCAS) reported that the infant Wasim Hamdan, 11 months, from the city of Bait Hanoun suffered a stomach disease before his death.

PCAS added that Kamal Abu-Rezeq, 44, from the city of Gaza died as he suffered cancer and could not leave Gaza for treatment because of the Israeli restrictions.

The death toll of Palestinian patients has risen to 212 because of the Israeli blockade over the Gaza Strip after Hamas took over forcibly the power last year. Hundreds of Palestinian patients still wait to get permission for leaving the besieged Gaza Strip to receive advanced medical care.

Originally published by Ramattan News Agency website, Gaza, in English 1021 20 Jul 08.

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