July 22, 2008

Swayze: I’M a Miracle, Dude

ACTOR Patrick Swayze has called himself "a miracle" after coming through cancer treatment.

Four months after being given five weeks to live, the Dirty Dancing star looked like he was back to his old self.

As he walked through LAX airport in Los Angeles, he was asked how he was feeling.

Swayze, 55, said: "I'm cookin'. I'm a miracle dude, I don't know why."

He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late January.

Doctors initially held out little hope of a cure and he was seen looking frail and gaunt.

But after having pioneering radiotherapy treatment in Stanford University's cancer centre in Palo Alto, California, Swayze has been gaining weight and strength.

He became famous when he starred as Johnny Castle in 1987 classic Dirty Dancing, with Jennifer Grey.

Despite treatment, he started filming a role as a veteran FBI agent in a new US TV series earlier this year.

Swayze's recovery is remarkable because cancer of the pancreas - an organ deep in the abdomen - is hard to diagnose.

By the time someone has symptoms, goes to their doctor and is diagnosed, the disease is often quite advanced.

Only around 15 per cent of sufferers are alive after a year and two per cent after 10 years.

It is the UK's 10th most common cancer, with around 7400 new cases each year.

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