July 22, 2008

OncOptima, a New Service Offer Launched By PhenoPro and Oncodesign

PhenoPro (Illkirch, France) and Oncodesign (Dijon, France) announced today their alliance to develop and market "OncOptima". This new joint service integrates the design, the characterization, and the validation of genetically engineered mouse models to evaluate targeted therapies in cancer. This unique partnership combines PhenoPro's broad capabilities and in-depth expertise in mouse model phenotyping, with Oncodesign leadership in preclinical services for translational research in cancer.

OncOptima will provide a comprehensive characterization, including functional, morphological and pharmacological phenotyping. The goal is to obtain validated models corresponding to the targeted therapies in development. Through expertise and technology of both platforms (including MRI, PET, cardio-echography...) it will be easier to further develop preclinical programs and determine the best drug/patient selection in early clinical phases.

Offering state of the art mouse model phenotyping, pharmaco-phenotyping and in vivo pharmaco-imaging, OncOptima will benefit to Biopharmaceutical and Biomedical companies by enhancing the bridging of discovery and clinical development of anti-cancer drugs.

"OncOptima turns PhenoPro's commitment to develop and provide services for biomedical and biopharmaceutical translational research into reality," said Frederic Allemand, Head of Operations and Corporate Development for PhenoPro. "This opportunity to partner with Oncodesign will simplify the management of projects, usualy performed independently without taking into consideration the specific contraints".

Philippe Genne, Oncodesign CEO, added "OncOptima is the complementary tool to optimize translational research of targeted therapies. Being able to use transgenic models, properly validated throughout PhenoPro expertise, for pharmacological studies is a great challenge, and will allow to combine genetic and pharmacology to better defined the treatment/patient selection".

About Oncodesign

Founded in 1995 in Dijon, Oncodesign is a leader in preclinical and translational evaluation of anti-cancer therapies. With services ranging from rapid in vitro and in vivo proof-of-concept studies to mechanistic and translational studies, Oncodesign has worked with over 200 biopharmaceutical companies worldwide and conducted more than 1000 studies. Its unrivalled technological platform, which includes MRI and PET imaging facilities, together with an extensive choice of tumor models, positions molecules into the most efficient development programs. Its pharmacological-based "Qualifying Approach", creates a continuum between targets, molecules, experimental cellular and animal models, and human patients.

About PhenoPro

PhenoPro was founded in September 2007 as a spinout of the Mouse Clinical Institute (Illkirch, France), one of the prime research institutes in mouse genetic engineering and mouse model phenotyping worldwide. The company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Economic Interest Group European Research Center in Biology and Medicine (Illkirch, France), offers a broad array of mouse models phenotyping capabilities and phenogenomics expertise in biomedicine to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies involved in translational biopharmaceutical and biomedical research, to understand disease mechanisms, validate drug targets and identify potential indications and side effects of candidate drugs.