July 22, 2008

Caring Ambassadors Program Announces Selection of Dr. Carol L. Spence As Board Chair

The Board of Directors of Caring Ambassadors Program, a national nonprofit public charity, has elected Dr. Carol L. Spence as Board Chair. "We are positively delighted to have Dr. Spence in this vital leadership role," said Dr. Tina M. St. John, Executive Director and Medical Director of the Caring Ambassadors Program (CAP). "Carol brings to this role the ideal constellation of personal and professional experience, commitment to nonprofit service, and dedication to the CAP mission of information and support to those with long-term diseases."

Dr. Spence's path to the Caring Ambassadors Program came via her own health challenge and the subsequent journey wherein she found healing, and ultimately, cure from a serious case of hepatitis C. Carol's mission has become wellness through service, a focus aligned with that of the founder of the Caring Ambassadors Program: belief in the power of people helping people and the power of personal experience to benefit others. "Serving as Board Chair of this fine organization epitomizes my own passion and goals. In this capacity, I will be able to leverage my time and energy by sharing a mutual devotion of purpose with all of the other members of the Caring Ambassadors Program. Together we can reach much higher numbers of individuals in crisis."

Dr. Spence's vision of her work with the Caring Ambassadors Program includes increasing the avenues through which individuals facing long-term illnesses can maximize their wellness -- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She intends to creatively build upon and expand the fundamental arms of the Caring Ambassadors Program strategy: information, awareness, support, and advocacy. CAP will continue its commitment to not only those living with long-term diseases, but to their loved ones who are inextricably part of the wellness/disease continuum.

Carol Spence holds a bachelor's degree in social science, and both a ThD and a PhD in Integrative Medicine. She has had a long and successful business career as a stockbroker, banking executive, and a decorated real estate agent. Carol is also experienced in nonprofit leadership with several successful tenures under her belt including previous Chair of the Board of the Community Council for the California Pacific Medical Center Institute for Health and Healing. She is an ordained minister and has served as Chaplain at Marin General Hospital. Dr. Spence lives in San Francisco and Sonoma, California.

About Caring Ambassadors Program

The Caring Ambassadors Program is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity dedicated to helping people with long-term diseases achieve optimum wellness. CAP currently operates two disease-specific programs: CAP Hepatitis C and CAP Lung Cancer. Founded in 2001, the organization is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, U.S.A.

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SOURCE: Caring Ambassadors Program