July 23, 2008

“Triple-Negative” Patients Are Biggest Unmet Need in Metastatic Breast Cancer, According to MattsonJack DaVinci’s CancerNSight(TM)

In a survey conducted by The Mattson Jack Group, Inc., oncology key opinion leaders (KOLs) have identified "triple-negative" patients, or patients whose tumors do not overexpress HER2, the estrogen receptor (ER) or progesterone receptor (PR),as the biggest unmet need in their treatment of metastatic breast cancer. These patients typically have relatively shorter survival and more aggressive disease, and KOLs describe the treatment field as "wide open" and the development of an efficacious treatment as "a welcome addition." Currently, cytotoxics are the only available resource. The perception among KOLs in the study is that the availability of HER2 targeted therapies and endocrine therapies is adequate.

According to the Treatment Evolution chapter of MattsonJack DaVinci's CancerMPact(R), approximately 18.5% of breast cancer patients are triple-negative; applying that assumption to MattsonJack's Epi Database(R) leads to an estimate of about 39,000 new triple-negative patients in 2007. Companies have recently taken aim at this population as a separate indication, much like they have done for metastatic breast cancer patients who overexpress HER2 or one of the hormone receptors (ER or PR).

"If you talk to physicians about what's going on in metastatic breast cancer, they'll typically answer you about what they use today," said Eric John, Vice President at MattsonJack DaVinci. "But for triple-negative patients, which is a sizeable group within metastatic breast cancer, no specific therapy other than traditional cytotoxic chemotherapy is currently available that is designed to treat these patients."

Another finding from MattsonJack DaVinci's recently released report titled CancerNSight(TM) - Breast Cancer was that the majority of KOLs perceive oral therapies to have few current benefits relative to traditional forms of administration in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer patients. The KOLs say that easier administration does not represent an advantage if patients must be switched to another agent due to side effects and lack of tolerability, or if patients' ability to remember their pills each day becomes an issue. Additionally, the typically higher cost of newer therapies such as oral oncology medications becomes another hurdle to physician recommendation versus long-established forms of infusion.

"A hypothesis of the study was that oral therapy is relatively more advantageous due to the convenience of taking a pill at home without the discomfort and travel commonly associated with traditional therapy administration," John said. "What we heard from the experts is that when comparing oral therapy versus traditional forms, for a variety of reasons, there is little difference in convenience in taking pills every day versus having an infusion for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. Any possible administration advantage for oral therapies is further nullified when considering the other types of pills that these patients already have to take."

CancerNSight(TM) is MattsonJack DaVinci's unique resource to assess product potential. It combines the convenience and affordability of a syndicated study with a leading-edge qualitative technique that adds analytical robustness in supporting clients' investment decisions in oncology. Currently available for non-small cell lung cancer and breast cancer, CancerNSight(TM) offers:

 --  Experts' insights on products' potential market impact (i.e., expected     launch / FDA approval time frames) --  Perceptions of the clinical value of one regimen versus another --  Insights on product attributes and big-picture issues driving drug     selection --  A cost-effective, timely alternative to custom marketing research --  A valuable complement to MattsonJack's other oncology research tools      

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