July 27, 2008

Anchor’s Proven Nutrition for Kids Campaign Tours Amman

Fonterra, the world's largest dairy exporter and producer of Anchor Milk recently launched a five week Anchor Proven Nutrition Check-up campaign for children in Amman, Jordan. In its continuous effort to contribute to the well being of the Jordanian community, the Anchor Proven Nutrition campaign aims to make parents aware of their children's current health status.

The campaign offers free screenings and provides parents with advice on how to better the health and development of their children. Six locations have been chosen for the Anchor check-ups in Amman: Safeway, Cozmo, C-Town (Amman Mall), Carrefour (City Mall), Food City and, and Yasser Abadi mall.

The children have their height and weight measured and tracked on a growth chart. In addition, the children's body composition is measured using the Anchor Institute Body Analyzer a machine that uses patented technology to accurately determine the amount of fat, muscle and mineral content in a child's body. Once the test results are finalized, a nutrition counselor discusses the child's results with the parent/s and gives recommendations to help them maintain their child's optimum health.

"After two weeks of the campaign here in Amman, we realized that parents, especially mums, are very pro-active towards their child's health. They were extremely eager to start the evaluation process, very receptive to the nutritional advice we gave them and asked a multitude of questions which was great." said Andrea Paterson, spokesperson for the Anchor Institute in the Middle East.

"I think with all the information and myths about health and nutrition, it can be very hard for parents to know exactly what to believe and what is really best for their child's well being. Fonterra is glad to be part of a campaign that empowers parents with the right tools to ensure a better, healthier and therefore happier life for their children," added Patterson.

The theme of the Anchor Institute's Proven Nutrition kids campaign is 'Brain, Body and Bones' to highlight the 3 main areas that need to be nourished together in order to ensure adequate growth. The program was developed in conjunction with qualified nutritionists in New Zealand and is based on global nutritional recommendations.

"It's already been established that Anchor's milk powder contains the vital ingredients for the overall growth of a child, hence the theme Brain, Body and Bones." said Rola Sullivan, Director of Marketing Fonterra Brands Middle East and Africa. "The bigger picture behind this campaign is to provide parents with the knowledge to be able to provide the best nutrition and lifestyle to their children. By arming parents with this knowledge, we can support the community and help reduce the prevalence of important health issues such as obesity."

About FonterraFonterra is a multi-national dairy company and one of the world's leading dairy ingredients and consumer businesses. Fonterra is the world's largest exporter of dairy products, with an annual turnover of around US$10 billion. It operates in more than 120 countries and its products are among the best known dairy brands in the world. In the Middle East, its leading consumer brands and Foodservice products are known for goodness, quality and reliability. For more information visit: www.fonterra.com.

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