July 29, 2008

Avnet Technology Solutions Teams Up With Scottsdale Healthcare for Unique Technology-Focused Internship Program

Since Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas launched HealthPath University in 2006, it has educated more than 250 value-added reseller participants on the fast-growing healthcare market. Today, Avnet Technology Solutions, an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), unveiled the capstone class in this specialized training program - a week-long internship held at Scottsdale Healthcare, a regional health system based in Arizona. The internship enables Avnet's partners to view healthcare technology through the eyes of hospital personnel and patients to provide insight into the issues facing healthcare providers.

"Anyone who has ever visited a hospital or been a patient themselves knows hospitals are incredibly complex environments," said Tony Vottima, vice president of vertical and technology solutions at Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas. "To be successful, healthcare partners need to understand the workflow of a hospital system and how the technology solutions they sell can improve patient care, increase productivity and help reduce costs. Through this unique internship program, graduates of HealthPath University experience how healthcare professionals use technology on a daily basis, the way technology must fit seamlessly into the staff's workflow, and the interdependency of hospital systems and applications."

The first internship program was held June 2-6, 2008, at Scottsdale Healthcare, a three-hospital health system in Arizona. It featured lectures, observations and workshops led by department heads, medical directors and nursing professionals and their respective staff members. The internship included observations of patient admitting, finance, health information management and supply chain management, along with the emergency, laboratory, radiology, nursing, pharmacy and surgical departments.

"The HealthPath internship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," said Rick Chorazyczewski, an account executive with Logicalis, Inc. "After seeing the differences in how technicians in radiology and staff members in admitting use technology, I understand the healthcare industry much more than I had from just reading or hearing about it. I feel like I've lived it for a week. This experience will be a tremendous asset as I discuss technology solutions with healthcare providers, and it puts me on the path to becoming a trusted advisor."

Following the internship, each participant will be able to:

-- Demonstrate an understanding of the financial budgeting process within a healthcare organization;

-- Quickly identify the needs of most healthcare organizations by gathering and analyzing the right information;

-- Use specific references to communicate a relevant value proposition to the appropriate healthcare professionals;

-- Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the forces influencing the delivery of healthcare; and

-- Articulate the areas of influence between each healthcare department to effectively draw from these relationships to develop solutions to improve patient care.

"The internship exceeded my expectations, and I've already seen the results from my training in customer meetings and conversations that I've had following the program," said Greg Paetow, director of business development - Mid-Atlantic, Melillo Consulting, Inc. "I understand my customers' pain points and how technology can be used to overcome them. The HealthPath internship has given me a new perspective that will help me find innovative solutions to meet hospitals' patient care goals."

"In our line of work, time is life, and technology can help us be more efficient and responsive to our patients," said Jim Cramer, vice president and chief information officer at Scottsdale Healthcare.

"We joined with Avnet in the internship program so that technology solution providers would have better insight into the needs of healthcare providers and can help identify solutions that enable us to excel in patient care. It is also a great opportunity to showcase our industry-leading healthcare teams and facilities in Arizona."

Avnet Technology Solutions plans to hold its next internship class in Fall 2008.

About Scottsdale Healthcare

Serving Arizona since 1962, Scottsdale Healthcare is a regional leader in medical care, clinical research and community wellness initiatives. An independent, locally based nonprofit health system, Scottsdale Healthcare employs 6,700 staff in its Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn, Scottsdale Healthcare Shea and Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak hospitals, Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center and Scottsdale Clinical Research Institute. For more information, visit www.shc.org .

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MEDIA NOTE: Video testimonials from HealthPath University participants can be viewed online at http://tsmedia.avnet.com/video/healthpath/ .