July 29, 2008

The Birth of Poppy and Rosie Harris

THE pitter patter of two sets of little feet can be heard at the home of Kieran and Joanna Harris.

The proud new parents celebrated the arrival of twin girls, Poppy Jo and Rosie Dawn, on June 3, at Wansbeck General Hospital.

The twins are the couple's first children and they were overjoyed to welcome young Poppy into the world at 3.03pm, swiftly followed by her slightly younger sister at 3.04pm.

The eight-week-old pair are now fighting fit, although it was a quite different story for them for the first few weeks of their lives.

After being born prematurely the girls were both very small and required intensive care. Rosie weighed just 4lb 4oz and Poppy just 4lb 9oz.

"They spent their first 16 days in intensive care," said full- time mum Joanna.

"They had difficulty breathing and had to be fed with a tube through the nose. However, they came home on June 19 and they are both fine."

Joanna, an IT projects officer, and Kieran, a self-employed consultant, both 23, of Alnwick, would like to thank the staff at Wansbeck General Hospital for their hard work and care.

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