July 29, 2008

Court Ends HIV Menace’s 10-Yr Reign of Terror


AN HIV positive drug addict who threatened to stab security guards with a syringe has been banned from a Liverpool hospital.

Peter Hargreaves, 37, plagued Fazakerley hospital for more than 10 years.

High on drugs, he would wander in and wreak havoc, abusing and attacking nurses and putting members of the public in fear.

He would book himself in to A&E without needing help and then wander around wards.

But yesterday, at Liverpool magistrates' court, Hargreaves, of Manica Crescent, Fazakerley, near the hospital, was given an anti- social behaviour order banning him from entering the grounds for two years unless he is in dire need.

A dossier of evidence and statements against Hargreaves was put before the court. It included incidents from just one day, July 16, 2007, of:

Threatening to stab a security officer with a syringe

Wandering around the hospital for no reason

Theft of property from a member of staff

Injecting himself in the toilets, leaving a trail of blood

Locking himself in the toilets

Smoking a substance

Spitting in the face of a security officer who was escorting him from the hospital

Being abusive to staff

Suspected shoplifting

He was overheard twice using a public payphone to order drugs Appearing at court yesterday to accept the order, Hargreaves is said to be turning his life around since being hit with an interim asbo in April.

Those who have dealt with him in the past say he has kept out of trouble and he told the court he does not go near the hospital now.

Cllr Marilyn Fielding, executive member for safer, stronger communities, said: "This man has been causing misery and fear at Fazakerley hospital for too long and I am pleased that the courts have supported our application for an anti social behaviour order.

"We will not hesitate to use the full extent of the law where there is evidence that someone is persistently misbehaving, and I would like to pay tribute to those who have helped us gather the evidence needed to bring this to court."

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