July 30, 2008

Iris BioTechnologies CEO Simon S. M. Chin Joins Distinguished Leaders Selected for This Year’s PharmaVOICE 100

President & Chairman Simon Chin of Iris BioTechnologies (OTCBB: IRSB), the Santa Clara, California-based theranostics company, that is focused on developing and commercializing the Nano-Biochip(TM), a gene expression system that identifies the most effective, reliable, and personalized treatment option for patients, was included in the "PharmaVOICE 100," an annual list of individuals who are having a remarkable influence on the life sciences industry.

Mr. Chin's nomination and ultimate selection was based on his dedicated effort in championing for personalized medicine and his personal commitment in eradicating breast cancer. Inspired by the human genome project and propelled by a desire to develop personalized and targeted medicine for patients, Mr. Chin founded Iris BioTechnologies.

He recruited key talent from leading academic institutions as well as from the industry and received outside investment within one month after the company was founded. Iris BioTechnologies was offered VC funding but Mr. Chin chose funding from angel investors instead to allow greater autonomy in developing a medical platform that would play a key role in transforming the way medicine is practiced, according to the PharmaVOICE article.

To further these goals, Mr. Chin launched a comprehensive personal lifestyle and medical history survey earlier this year to collate medical and lifestyle data. This is a prelude to building an international database called BioWindows(TM), a diagnostic and prognostic system that determines the most appropriate therapy based on genomic, family history, and extensive lifestyle information, for the major diseases affecting the industrialized world.

With an initial focus on breast cancer, Iris BioTechnologies is the first company in the world to focus on using gene profiling and family history along with key personal and lifestyle information to help physicians. The company has developed the Iris Nano-Biochip to identify gene expression patterns in the multiple varieties of breast cancer. The combination of the Iris Nano-Biochips and BioWindows would enable people to create their own global family trees of wellness that would have a significant positive impact for generations to come.

The article notes that much of his insight and inspiration comes from Nobel Laureate Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, who mentored Mr. Chin and gave him the opportunity to do research with him at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in search of new super-heavy elements. Dr. Seaborg's willingness to devote time to many students, his integrity, and his humility have served as a guide for Mr. Chin. Also, when Mr. Chin was devastated by the passing of his beloved grandparents, Dr. Seaborg taught him how to refocus his thoughts on his goals, a skill he mastered in building Iris from a concept to a public company.

This year's distinguished list of one hundred leaders was selected by PharmaVOICE's readers who nominated individuals in the industry that had inspired and motivated them; thousands of readers submitted nominations. Ultimately, the PharmaVOICE 100 was selected based on these write-ups as well as the number of nominations received and other factors, such as community and philanthropic activities.

"Being recognized by my peers and PharmaVOICE as someone who is inspiring others and contributing to the overall improvement and advancement of our industry is a great honor," commented Mr. Chin. "I am most excited about the fact that this distinction recognizes the promise and hope to patients, and is a direct reflection on the outstanding group of people at Iris that are dedicated to benefiting people affected with cancers and other diseases worldwide."

PharmaVOICE divided the honorees into different categories that best capture their individual skill sets and expertise. Mr. Chin was appropriately positioned in "Visionary" category. As defined by PharmaVOICE, these entrepreneurs are redefining the life-sciences industry through innovative approaches to improving technologies, processes, services, and ultimately patient care.

The PharmaVOICE article can be seen on www.pharmavoice.com/100 or you can request a copy of the article by e-mailing Janet Vasquez at [email protected]