July 30, 2008

APS Healthcare Expands Business in Three States

APS Healthcare, one of the country's leading specialty healthcare companies, has completed contract renewals with the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma and a contract amendment with the State of Maine.

In Arkansas, the APS contract with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Division of Medical Services, has been renewed for state fiscal year 2009. APS provides utilization review of behavioral health services for Medicaid recipients under age 21. The contract, which began July 1, 2003, includes prior authorization and on-site inspections of care for inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services and a Care Coordination program for recipients with intensive case management needs.

APS has entered into an innovative agreement with the State of Maine to streamline data collection and reduce provider administrative burden. Since December 2007, APS has provided Behavioral Health Utilization Management services to 273,000 Maine Medicaid members. This agreement will allow parallel State and APS data processes to merge into a single, streamlined process. This merger of data collection systems will reduce provider administrative burden, reduce costs for the State and result in improved data and information for both the state and providers. The process integration will "go live" in August 2008.

The State of Oklahoma Health Care Authority has renewed its contract with APS to provide enhanced care coordination and additionally, to launch a psychiatric consultation pilot project for the state's 600,000 participants in the state's Health Care Authority Quality Improvement Organization Program. APS provides and documents detailed care coordination of inpatient and outpatient services for SoonerCare members in order to increase client satisfaction, increase SoonerCare maximal functioning, increase access to community services and decrease need for high end services. The psychiatric pilot project will provide brief, informal telephonic psychiatric consultations by board-certified child psychiatrists to primary care providers (PCPs).

About APS

APS Healthcare is a leading provider of specialty healthcare solutions that serve more than 20 million members in the Unites States and Puerto Rico. The company currently serves clients representing more than 40 percent of the nation's Medicaid population, partnering with agencies in more than 20 states. APS delivers customized, integrated healthcare solutions that help people engage in behaviors that optimize their health status. APS operates under the belief that uniting all participants in the healthcare landscape - individuals, practitioners and payers - improves overall health and reduces total healthcare spending. For more information, visit www.apshealthcare.com.