July 30, 2008

Convicted Surgeon May Have Fled Country

French officials say they suspect a plastic surgeon fled the country after a prosecutor said he should be jailed for doing dozens of illegal operations.

Authorities issued a warrant for the arrest of Dr. Michel Maure, 59, after he was convicted of risking the health of 90 female patients, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.

He was convicted of mentally and physically damaging patients with botched nose, breast, face and liposuction procedures.

Police said they think Maure used his yacht to flee the country with his three children and girlfriend after he was convicted in June of illegal practice, endangering life and wounding for conducting illegal surgeries in a medical center that was ordered to be shut down 13 years ago.

He is scheduled to be on bail until his Sept. 8 sentencing, the newspaper said. A prosecutor in Marseilles, France, called for Maure to receive a 4-year jail sentence.