August 1, 2008

Vitro Diagnostics Wins Approval for Diabetes Study Protocol

Vitro Diagnostics, operating as Vitro Biopharma, has received approval for its preclinical diabetes study protocol.

This approval allows the company to test its stem cell-derived human beta islets for effectiveness in reversing type I diabetes in well-established experimental models of the disease.

Positive results from such studies are expected to further support various commercial applications of the company's stem cell-derived islets that are presently being developed for distribution to select non-therapeutic markets.

Vitro owns patent-pending technology for the generation and differentiation of adult stem cell lines and has applied this technology to production of beta islets from stem cell lines generated by the company. Testing to determine reversal of diabetes may open opportunities to proceed with regulatory approval for therapeutic applications.

Tinalyn Kupfer, senior scientist of Vitro, said: "This development is an important component of our program to manufacture stem cell-derived human beta islets that are identical to those present within the pancreas."