August 2, 2008

“How I Stay Energized”

By Reece, Gabby

Gabby reveals her secrets for dealing with sleep deprivation and more. SAVING ROOM FOR SWEETS

Everyone has their gotta-have-them foods. Without a doubt, my weakness is chocolate. I don't want to go without it, so I fit it into my diet by giving up other foods that aren't as important to me. I avoid sugary drinks in favor of water; I don't eat a ton of pasta and bread, which are easy to go overboard on; and I avoid white-flour products, white rice, processed foods, and anything that can live in a bag or can for 50 years! By prioritizing my splurges, I can have chocolate and feel good about it. Plus, eating healthy helps me avoid most cravings in the first place.

A friend who has diabetes turned me on to a treat I love: agave nectar drizzled over cacao flakes (you can find both at health food stores). It's sweet and satisfying without being off-the-scale sugary.

Look for chocolate that's 70 percent cacao


With a toddler and an infant to take care of, getting enough zzz's is virtually impossible; I'm chronically sleep-deprived. But these rules help me get everything done no matter how exhausted I feel.

* DONT 'THROW" YOUR ENERGY AROUND I've read that a two-minute burst of anger or hostility can negatively affect your hormones for two hours, so I try not to get upset about insignificant things. As a result, when I do lose it, my husband knows it's serious!

* EXERCISE If I'm really tired, I won't do an intense session, but working out really does rev up my energy levels, and it clears the fogginess I get after a bad night's sleep.

* PRACTICE ACTIVE MEDITATION When I'm by myself, I try to focus on my breathing and bring my thoughts back to the present. I've found that being mentally scattered is draining. I also use positive self-talk to keep my emotions balanced.

Quality family time can reinvigorate you


At a recent photo shoot, the stylist brought some workout pants made by Elisabetta Rogiani that fit me perfectly. The fabric and cut help my butt defy gravity, and the material is thick enough that you feel equally comfortable wearing the pants in the gym or walking through the grocery store. They come in short, medium, and long lengths and have waistbands that flatter every body type. Prices range from $75 to $95, depending on the style. You can find them at the Sports Club/LA or at

The inseam ranges from 31.5'' to 37.5''

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