August 4, 2008

Morrow Institute Biotech Mini Summit to Host Congresswoman Bono Mack

The first Mini Summit on Biotech research and industry in the Coachella Valley will be held Monday, August 4, 2008 at 1:30 pm at The Morrow Institute in Rancho Mirage, CA to brief Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack on current efforts on the part of private enterprise to promote Biotech in the Coachella Valley.

A highlight of the event will be a visit to the newly opened non-controversial Stem Cell Research Lab at The Morrow Institute. The lab's grant-supported work focuses on adipose (fat) derived stems cells. Adipose derived stem cells have been shown to have the same miraculous healing and regenerative properties as embryonic and bone marrow stem cells, and do not require the use of embryos or invasive surgery.

Allan Wu, MD, a certified tissue bank specialist and lead researcher at the Morrow Stem Cell Research Lab, explains the goal of the lab's work, "Our work with adipose derived stem cells may one day allow each individual to store his or her own stem cells for future use to aid healing, regenerate vital organs and tissue, and even cure disease such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease."

Other Mini Summit attendees will be David Morrow, MD; Allan Wu, MD; Carolyn Stark, Executive Director of UC Riverside Palm Desert Graduate Center; John Soulliere, CEO of the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership; and Larry Hansen, Board Member of the Coachella Valley Angel Network. Both the Economic Partnership and Angel Network, a privately funded venture capital group, are involved in promoting Biotech industry in the desert area. The media is invited to attend.

"It is time for the Coachella Valley to harness its economic reins," says UC Riverside's Carolyn Stark, whose Palm Desert Graduate Center is working hard to bring high tech jobs to the Coachella Valley.

"The benefits of supporting the development of Biotech in the Coachella Valley are clear," adds CVEP CEO John Soulliere. "Biotech brings 'green' industry as well as high paying jobs to the area."

"In the long run, Biotech research will benefit not only our own community but the world by helping all people live longer and healthier lives!" concludes David Morrow, MD, Director of The Morrow Institute.

For more information, please contact Allan Wu, MD

[email protected]

760-202-2770 or 760-605-1926