August 4, 2008

‘Abs Diet’ DVD Has Her Feeling More Toned

"The Abs Diet" is several books, a newsletter, a diet, a regular feature in Men's Health magazine and an online program.

And a DVD or two.

Nina Williams of Wichita tried out the new "The Abs Diet for Women Workout" DVD and says it's one she would recommend.

"The Abs Diet" began as a book by David Zinczenko, editor of Men's Health magazine. It was released in 2004.

There now is a book for women as well, along with the other products. All focus on exercise and healthy eating, especially of "power foods" such as nuts, eggs, green vegetables and whole grains.

Williams is 38, works two jobs and is the mother of three, and she had motivation for trying the DVD: her 20th high school reunion on Aug. 9. And, she says, "I am finding as I get a little bit older that I gain more easily and lose more slowly than I used to."

She didn't lose much weight from using the DVD, but "I do feel more toned, and I feel stronger.... I can feel the difference in my clothing."

The DVD, which retails for $14.98 and is available where fitness DVDs are sold, has cardio, strength and stretching workouts. Williams says she walks four miles a day at work, so she concentrated on the strength and stretching segments.

One thing she really liked: Fitness instructor Jessica Smith was accompanied by someone who demonstrated modifications, such as what Williams calls "girl pushups," for each exercise.

And "the girls in the video are the average-size girl like you see on the street, not some stick-thin beanpole. I think that made the video easier to stick to," she says.

Williams also liked the music in the video and the instructor's voice: "She was very clear, and she articulated very well."

She says the DVD probably would be best for a beginning to intermediate exerciser. It calls for 3-pound hand weights, but Williams got by with soup cans. The weights, she says, are used less for lifting and more for providing resistance.

Overall, she says, the "Abs Diet" DVD is better than many she has tried.


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