August 4, 2008

Core Rhythms Gives Body a Work Out

Those dancers you see on TV really are making those moves look easier than it is. So, next time we watch "So You Think You Can Dance," let's go a little easier on those big hip-hop guys trying to move their hips in circles while their feet ball change.

Take it from us, new believers in the Core Rhythms workout routine. Developed by professional dancers Jaana Kunitz and Julia Powers, the program is also endorsed by popular television dance personalities, Len Goodman (judge on "Dancing with the Stars") and Mary Murphy (judge on "So You Think You Can Dance").

The videos, which mix Latin dance steps (so get your hips ready!) into the workout, come in a pack of four called the "The Starter Pack" ($39.95, plus shipping and handling, The pack comes with four videos: Kick Start, Full Workout, Quick Workout and Latin Dance Steps Made Easy. If the stomachs on the Kunitz and Powers are any indication _ these videos can be like a miracle drug. Mixed with a proper diet, of course. Speaking of diet, the starter pack comes with a diet guide as well as a success tracker.

Watch the Kick Start video first. It will teach you the basic moves you'll need for the other videos, which tend to go faster, especially the quick workout. The full workout and quick workout (which lasts 20 minutes, ideal for any breaks in your day, or a lazier night) also allow you to switch from "front" view or "back" view. You can do this at any point during the routine without losing your place.

The idea for the videos is to work your core _ upper abs, middle abs, lower abs, obliques and your back. It's no wonder this workout is so intense _ it seems every season of "Dancing with the Stars" has its own weight-loss story. If you can convince your husband, friend, mate of some kind, to dance with you, the Latin Dance Steps Made Easy is also a worthwhile workout, and could make you the envy of the dance floor.


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