August 4, 2008

Praise for Hospitals

I have recently spent three weeks in two public hospitals, with one of those weeks being in Palmerston North coronary care unit, followed by two weeks in Wellington, where I had a double heart by- pass operation.

After that experience, I thought I should put pen to paper and share some of it with your readers, as those working in these places generally have negative things said about them, but I only saw positive.

I can not say enough about the wonderful treatment I received from the staff at both these hospitals before and after my operation.

From my observations they all work together as a team and are a cheerful bunch of people. Even the meals were adequate during the time I was there. Now, to the nurses who care for the patients - these people are special and are all so dedicated to the job they are doing - they put in some long days and/or nights but still manage to be cheerful and professional day after day.

Everyone I spoke to while I was there had nothing but praise for them and the excellent treatment they were receiving from them. My time in hospital before and after major surgery was made easier for me with the care they gave me. A Andersen

Palmerston North

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