August 5, 2008

Monogram Biosciences Introduces New HIV Assay

Monogram Biosciences has launched its PhenoSense integrase assay, built on the company's proprietary technology platform, PhenoSense.

According to the company, the PhenoSense integrase assay directly measures the susceptibility of HIV to a new and potent class of integrase inhibitor drugs that blocks viral replication by preventing viral genes from integrating into the DNA of newly infected cells. Together with PhenoSense GT, PhenoSense integrase is said to provide the most complete picture of resistance to antiretroviral therapies.

The company is also actively involved in the clinical evaluation of Gilead's integrase inhibitor candidate, elvitegravir, currently in Phase III studies. In addition to drug resistance, PhenoSense integrase also measures reductions in viral replication capacity associated with integrase inhibitor resistance that may help characterize viral fitness.

William Young, CEO of Monogram, said: "As the first and only commercially available assay to measure integrase inhibitor resistance, PhenoSense integrase exemplifies Monogram's leadership position in personalized medicine and the company's continued commitment to develop innovative HIV diagnostics that tailor drug treatments to the individual patient."